Journey to Europe


"An Adventure Where YOU Are the Victim!"

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"The alarm blared. Tim Jorgensen opened his eyes and sighed. The clock was yellow. It should have been red!"

Living in a buggy computer simulation is not all it's cracked up to be.

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All Cats Are Grey


Artwork by “Jacey”

What if you opened the box containing Schrödinger's cat, and it was empty?

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The Capacity to Serve


"If Poe were still around today, and had a devilish sense of humour and a thing for penguins, this is the story he'd write." - Ranylt Richildis. Lackington's Magazine.

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Keshi Yena


A story about cheese, queer love, and rocketships.

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Trapped in Time


"A Science Fiction adventure where YOU are the hero!"

Nominee, Best Novelette - 2013 Niels Klim Awards

Winner, Best Implementation; Nominee, Best Use of Innovation - 2013 XYZZY Awards

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